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GORT images Near Earth Object 2012QG42
Animation of about 8 minutes of NEO's motion
On September 14 around 03:30 UT, GORT took an image sequence of the Near Earth Object 2012 QG42. Click on the image or title for a larger version (16 MB) showing the motion of the NEO. Individual exposures are each ten seconds.
The Global Telescope Network (GTN) is an informal association of scientists, students, individuals and observatories interested in supporting the NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (formerly GLAST), Swift, and XMM-Newton missions by obtaining and reducing ground-based observations for objects related to the primary science goals for these missions.

The Global Telescope Network provides:

•  involvement for students, teachers, and amateur astronomers in cutting-edge astronomical research.

•  activities and instructional materials for a range of levels and interests.

•  mentoring in research practices, telescope use, data analysis and educational resources.


If you have a question about the GTN, please contact one of the "Responsible SSU Personnel" below.

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