ol and lifted, and I saw Jiang Jin s face. Thank you, I still received the flower for the first time. Cool and sweet, there is a color of joy that can t be hidden in the eyes. This is the first time in her mouth I am very satisfied. Jiang Jin s lips are slightly raised and some are happy In the office, Jiang Jin sat at his desk and looked down at the files in the computer. The long eyelashes tilted slightly, and Amazon the sunlight outside the window came in through the floor to ceiling windows, and he fell on Jiang Jin and Amazon Certification put on a layer of light and shadow. Company downstairs, personnel department. A slender figure came out of the office of t.he Ministry of Personnel, wearing a professional suit, and a sleek little face raised a smug smile. The smile seemed to have a slap in the face, so that the passing staff could not help but see more. A few eyes. After pressing the elevator, the woman walked into the elevator, and the line of sight stayed on Amazon it exam the button on a certain floor for a moment, and the eyes flashed a look. I don t know, he would see her, what would it look like. h city hotel suite, Jiang Lun opened his eyes, a painful feeling on his forehead, raised his hand and wanted to lick his forehead, but found his arm was pressed by something, looking sideways.

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