the heart could not help the fire, you are willing to stand here rain, the lady can not have this hobby. Reach out and want to take Beiling children to t.he house to go, and Belle children really followed her to go to the house to go. Went to the door of the steps, Beiling first step into the door, turned and looked at Beiyu E, Beiling deeply sighed, helpless seem to open, Sister, tomorrow I was chairman, and later in the company Time to see me do not forget my identity Bang Beiling children finished, directly in front of the shell of the shell of the door closed. Amazon it exam Standing in the restaurant Lin mother and Tang Ying Amazon was also Belling children shocked, and heard that closed the door, especially at t.he moment through the glass to see standing outside the shellfish E, they instinctively want to open the door, just go Took a step, but heard the words of Beiling said directly silly standing in place. Pui Ling children face them, did not face Bei Yu e good temper, cold opening, in the eradication of the enemy at the same time, I do not mind first of all her right arm are cut off 025 helper Chunxin Group. After a year of baptism, has long been the original Amazon Certification Chunxin Group.

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AWS-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate