said Harry, picking up his schoolbag with his left hand rather than his smarting right one. Oh yes, said Professor Umbridge, smiling as widely as before. Yes, I think we can etch the message a little deeper with another evenings work. Harry had never before considered the possibility that there might be another teacher in the world he hated more than Snape, but as he walked back towards Gryffindor Tower he had to admit he had found a strong contender. She s evil, he thought, CASP as he climbed a staircase to the seventh floor, she s an evil, twisted, mad old Ron He had reached the top of the stairs, turned right and almost walked into Ron, who was lurking behind a statue of Lachlan the Lanky, clutching his broomstick. He gave a great leap of surprise when he saw Harry and attempted to hide his new Cleansweep Eleven behind his backWhat are you doing Er nothing. What are you doing Harry frowned at him. Come on, you can tell me What are you hiding here for I m I m hiding from Fred and George, if you must know, said Ron. They just went past with a bunch of first years, I bet they re testing stuff on them again, I CompTIA Certification mean, they can t do it in the common room now, can they, not with Hermione there. He was talking in a very fast, feverish way. But what have you got your broom for, you haven t been flying, CASP it exam have you

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP