ar sitting in CCDE a woman, is it Bei Yu E Hear the outside of the noisy voice, Beiling children know there are too many reporters outside, and Beiyu E s words, nothing more than to discredi.t themselves, but also to the role of the weak was staged abandoned drama, and she is the move is Let her bring the fox hat. Saying that she is already a woman abandoned, absolutely can not see his sister to marry a man and other women entangled. Hear the outside people want to open the door, could not wait to want to leave her, at this moment is panic. At the moment, the appearance of high thinking Yuan, even if she has a few mouths also do not know, at the moment the face of the person is Beiyu E, just outside some of the incitement, there are.too many journalists in order to improve their ratings, Deviation, even when the time to correct, for her, reputation damage is certain. Think of Boa had said, her heart or worry, but also that all this is Cisco Certification Beiyu e in the devil. Since this time to come, naturally is prepared. On the relationship between Beiyu and CCDE it exam Gao Siyuan how she really do not care, but at the moment, the arrival of Beiyu e, the most important thing is to retaliate themselves and Gao Siyuan, as is to see that the high Si Yuan did not contribute, Beiyu E is with hatred. Beiyu e.belly child is high Tianrui, she is deliberately ah Gao Siyuan said, like can not stand the stimulus seems to lie on the table. At this time the Beiling children only found that

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352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE