ed with the fright which the goloshes of Fortune had caused him. But we must not suppose it was all over no, indeed, there was worse to come yet. The night passed, and the whole of the following day but no one sent for the goloshes. In the evening a declamatory performance was to take place at the amateur theatre in a distant street. The house was crowded among the audience was the young volunteer from the hospital, who seemed to have quite forgotten his adventures of the previous evening. He had on the goloshes they had not been sent for, and as the streets were still very dirty, they were of great service to him. A new poem, entitled My Aunt s Spectacles, was being recited. It described these spectacles as possessing a wonderful power if any one put them on in a large assembly the peopl.e appeared like cards, and the future events of ensuing years could be easily foretold by them. The idea struck him that he should very much like to have CCIE Service Provider it exam such a pair of Cisco Certification spectacles for, if used rightly, they would perhaps enable him to see into the hearts of CCIE Service Provider people, which he thought would be more interesting than to know what was g

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider