ree people will cheer each other to the courage of each other, and scattered only one person, the nature of people will be more easily retreat Three people did not check, they are too young, but also too little knowledge, but also can not stand and Xu Mingyan eat temptation, even so easy to split the three. Three of the intention of the two people followed Xu Mingyan away, leaving only that high girls And others left, the high girls wait for a while, always feel particularly lonely, and then next to the brawny guard staring at Isaca Certification her fiercely, her heart suddenly uneasy up She quickly called, this time she quickly agreed that the two friends can n.ot pass the phone She can not break into the crew, consider for a while, determined to CISM find the so called private restaurant Shi Qingyu watched the tall girl to leave, my heart still some worry, then on the car Jiaoren CISM it exam followed, and then to Xu Mingyan called. Xu Mingyan did not pick up, but sent a text message, they are in the Wanhua Hotel, ready to persuade them to leave. And that tall girl, hard to solve, has been the news. Informed her loved ones Shi Qingyu let go Is ready to leave, Shi Qingyu see this high girl playing the phone, her mouth is clearly called a very surprised to let Shi Qingyu name Deng Pingkai Zhou Huaijin s agent She knew Deng Pingkai, has been the fact tha

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CISM Certified Information Security Manager Isaca CISM