to take, Isaca Certification the other time, in the fly and Yang Shengtang people Deal with. Xu Rujing with flying this has just stepped into the Yangshengtang the door, on the face of a young man wearing a blue gown. The man saw them, the first surprised a moment, the next moment, he board from the face of the Road, said Who are you Here is Yangsheng Tang, busy people, etc., not free CRISC Certification to enter Hear the words of this guy, Yu Fei suddenly was angry. Eyes in front of this guy, do not recognize him also fills. Although he was in these two days, because the martial arts held in recognition of the General Assembly on the storm, but also be regarded as the limelight is the key, but he is just a just after the rise of the little people, people do not know him, can be con.sidered normal. But Xu Rujing as Qiu Gui the Explorer, is the seven princess Zijin Villa is the most trusted men. The twenty hundred and fifty chapters are kind enough According to the name CRISC Certification it exam of Zhu Qingqing Pathetic middle aged man s expectations, he and fly in the fly, how can also be regarded as Yangsheng Tang old predecessors, flying in the beginning of the guy, even in his hand to eat a boredom , It is estimated that only swallowly admitted to the bad luck. Did not think that his wishful thinking can be completely

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