f Luo Zhenpei, in this full view, competing out of such a large oolong, which makes him feel very angry. Just no matter he annoyed, refining the situation in the pharmacy.has become a foregone conclusion. It is in this case, Sun Ersheng still still there where the blind toss, which makes Luo Zhenpei feel more annoyed. Because Luo Zhenpei know that if they do so continue to blindly go down, then they can only be self inflicted, when the time may not even have the opportunity to step down. Just now he scolded Sun Ersheng, just want to take this opportunity, on the slope of the donkey only. Did not expect that he was a group of pigs carrying the hands of the head, it seems that no one can see his intentions, all competing to blame him to denounce Sun Ersheng. To be honest, the performance of these guys, is simply fueled the fire, the next moment, an unnamed fire, the moment from Cisco Certification the heart of Luo Zhenpei up. And then see him toward Sun Ersheng shouted What you do you, you do not Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam succeed Cisco Business Value Specialist in this event more than guys, what things have never been through the head, you have face in front of me call Then, Luo Zhenpei turned and pointed.to the guys standing around him and shouted And you guys are all a group of people who have no brains Roar finished this sentence, Luo Zhenpei directly turned to the pharmacy outside the door to go. Just when Luo Zhenpei is about to go to the entrance of the pharmacy, has been stand

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist