, a word, has let the ice blush. Now, giv.e me dinner, are almost six o clock. To others, etc., more embarrassed. Lin Xiang in the side to see, after a smile Said. Really good Eat Eat Lin Dong helpless, can only hard nodded How was this dress After dinner, the two returned to the room. Looked at the closet, ice out of a pink dress, his face has a touch of smile, asked. This, but also, but still white Lin Dong see, nodded, then shook his head. White Ice to see the wardrobe when the brow slightly wrinkled, white only this package hip skirt, do I want to wear short skirts Finally, a little helpless. This package of hip skirt is very good Lin Dong see, nodded. This i.s really good. White package hip skirt, looks a little thin, the bottom of the skirt has a layer of lace, the middle is a number of patterns. Really After hearing the ice, look to the Lin Dong. See Lin Dong nodded seriously, this time nodded out. In fact, no matter what, in my eyes, you will always be the most beautiful. See in front of the NCDA it exam ice is changing clothes, Lin Lin smiled. Of course, I must be the most handsome in NCDA your eyes. In a word, let the ice is wearing clothes, suddenly stopped. What is it Is not right See the eyes of ice shocked, his face is more puzzled. Yes Or quite handsome, my little attendant. Seriously loo.ked at the suit of Lin Dong, nodded. Than the first time wearing a suit, a lot of handsome Oh Of course. Lin Dong can not help Network Appliance Certification but pat c

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA