ave have I had an accident JOE No. ANN Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer reassured Quite safe for me to sit up, huh JOE Yeah, bending down to her perfect he lifts her pillow back and helps her sit up, leaning against it. She looks at him all the while, not fully trusting of him. Joe leans against the cupboard at the foot of the bed. ANN Thank you he smiles back. She looks down at her pyjamas then to Joe Are these yours He nods. Ann, suddenly panicked, feels under the sheets for her pyjama bottoms. JOE Er, did did you lose something ANN smiling, relieved No. No. Politely, suppressing her anxiety W would you be so kind as tell me w where I am JOE Well, this is what Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer it exam is laughingly known as my apartment. ANN concerned rising suddenly Did you bring me here by force JOE No, no, no smiling quite the contrary. ANN Have I.been here all nightalone JOE smiling If you don t Oracle Certification count me, yes. ANN seriously So I ve spent the night here with you. JOE hurrying to reassure her Oh, well, now, I I don t know if I d use those words exactly, but er, from a certain angle, yes. Ann looks down, thinking. After a moment, reassured that everything is alright afterall, laughs. LastIndexNext This Free Ebook is Produced By Eshu Space Need More Free Ebooks, Pls Go To http Roman Holiday PART 8 ANN presenting her hand How do you do JOE shaking her hand How do you do ANN And you are JOE Bradley, Joe Bradley. ANN Delighted. JOE You don t know how delighted I am to meet you. ANN

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1Z0-808 Java SE 8 Programmer Oracle Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer