of the body. Think of him to see the way you look at Bei Ling, Beizheng Jie must be done, will let Beiling children so disgusted. Beizheng Jie s disgust once again high PMI Certification points, to Qi Yu made a text message, so that they take good care of Bayzhengjie. Just finis.hed text messages, see Belle out from the bathroom, and her face is still on both sides of the dripping, almost at the same time, Gao Siyuan immediately picked up the side of the towel PMP came to the front of Bailing, gently wipe the water. You see you, PMP it exam so big people, and will not take care of yourself Care about the words directly to the export, even the gentle action, once again let Beiling children doubts, is this really that person That can easily control the lives of others, and sometimes brutal and benevolent, as faint as the same brutal, are.they really the same person Try to put aside the sudden thoughts in the brain, try to convince myself, do not be cheated by the person s face, if this person is really not high thinking yuan, then most likely everything is true. Th

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