The GTN Data Archive

Uploading Your Data To The AAVSO

This page describes how to submit images to the archives at the AAVSO.

Uploading Your Data to the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

The AAVSO has implemented an online engine for submitting observations which allows AAVSO observers to report their observations via the Web. The GTN, in a partnership with the AAVSO, has agreed that the AAVSO is the official repository of GTN program observations. Therefore, when making GTN observations, it would be beneficial if participants would submit their images to the AAVSO through their web portal.

It costs nothing to become an AAVSO observer, and we recommend that all GTN members join the AAVSO. The AAVSO is a long standing organization comprised of some of the worlds most enthusiastic amateur astronomers and many professional astronomers as well. The organization is a great community resource.

1. To become an AAVSO observer visit the AAVSO observer registration page and apply for a AAVSO observer code.

2. Once you have your AAVSO observer code you can submit your results to the AAVSO Online Observation Submission Form (WebObs).