Astronomy Themes

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are?

Most of the time stars we see at night twinkle because the air in Earth’s atmosphere disturbs the light as it passes through, like the air above pavement appears to shimmer on a very hot day. Some stars do actually change brightness over time. If we observe very carefully, we can learn a lot about these stars and other systems just by measuring how the light changes.

Other solar systems; Other Earths

Why do we look for other planets, and how do we even know where to look? The answer to these questions is right here.

History and Origin of the Universe

Before the discovery of cosmic measuring tapes there was no way to accurately measure the distance between two far objects in space. Find out what they are and how they’re used in cosmology here!

Structure and Composition of the Universe

The Universe is a diverse place. Its vastness is hard to comprehend but investigating its structure and composition us gives us a better understanding of its magnitude. Here you can find information about what the Universe actually is.

Life and Death of Stars

A star’s lifecycle is full circle. Explore how stars change as they get older and find out what happens when a star reaches the end of its life.