Make & DIY

Build your own simple telescope

This is as simple as it gets! Assemble your own telescope with basic items and learn the fundamentals of how a telescope works. We provide you with a materials list and step-by-step instructions to build a basic telescope.

Build your own Galileo Telescope

If you want to look a little deeper into the stars this may be the best telescope for you to build. With these instructions you can learn how to make the same style telescope that the Italian astronomer, Galileo used in 1610 to gaze into space!

Build your own research telescope: Project PANOPTES

This project is for the serious astronomer. By combining two high-quality camera lenses you can build a telescope that is capable of making valuable exoplanet observations. This scope will enable you to participate in the citizen science project, Project PANOPTES. Learn more here!

Print and Assemble Your Own Star Chart

Have you ever wanted to observe a specific constellation, but didn’t know what time of year you’d be able to see it? This star chart is a helpful tool that can tell you exactly what is above you in the night sky for any given month. Follow these instructions so you can have your very own!

Pinhole Sun Viewer

We all know we’re not supposed to look at the Sun, but we all want to! Now you can do it safely by making your very own Pinhole Sun Viewer. This is especially awesome for looking at the Sun during a solar eclipse. Come see how it works!