Build your own Galileo Telescope


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Back in 1609 Galileo’s two-lens refractive telescope was groundbreaking technology. Of course today our telescopes are far more advanced, but considering most people in that era still believed the Sun orbited the Earth, his invention was undeniably profound. 400 years later the scientific community still finds inspiration from Galileo’s work. After all, he was able to make accurate astronomic observations with his telescope and you can too! 

The Galileo Telescope utilized one convex lens for the objective lens and one concave lens for the eyepiece. The objective lens gathers light and creates an image on the eyepiece. The eyepiece then refracts that light into an image that is the same size as the lens of your eye. This image forms before the light from the objective passes through its focal point so the image remains upright. 
You can make your very own Galileo style telescope using this kit manufactured by Explore Scientific. It can be purchased directly from their website or found on Amazon.