The GTN provides recommendations and advice for conducting your own authentic research in astronomy using contemporary telescope systems and detectors. Robotic telescope systems are increasingly available across the internet, many of which the GTN is involved. By following these tools and tips you can make meaningful observations of the most ground breaking discoveries, that the most sophisticated observatories are working on at this very moment. You may even eventually be able to publish your results! Your authentic research may also lead you to explore real NASA data from famous observatories orbiting in space such as Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Spitzer Telescope, Wide Infrared Survey Explore (WISE) Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Telescope, and 2MASS.

Introduction to Authentic Research

What is authentic research and how is it done? Here you can find information on where to start for making meaningful observations. We hope this introduction gives you a basis on how to study what. If you are new to Authentic Research, come explore here.

Observation of Specific Objects

Here you can find more specific information on how to observe specific objects and where they can be located. For example, perhaps you already know you want to take photographs through a telescope of a star with known exoplanets. This will take you down the right path.

Observing Programs

There are many ways to look at something and derive a conclusion about it. This information will help you align what you want to observe with the best approach to observe it. For example, perhaps you want to see if the maximum brightness of a Cepheid’s period ever increases. This will help you design your observing plan to get the right information to do so.