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If you are not sure what membership category to choose, or if you just want to know more about the GTN, use the "ABOUT" link in the header region of this page.

Fill out this form to join the GTN as an Associate:

Fill out this form to join the GTN as a Partner:

Some of the benefits of membership:

  • Access to the data in the GTN Data Archive
  • Opportunities to collaborate with:
    • Fermi scientists
    • Other GTN participants
  • Announcements of important events such as AGN and GRB outbursts.
  • GTN Updates which will include:
    • Summaries of data submitted to the GTN Archive
    • Summaries of projects by GTN participants
    • Reports from Fermi project staff and astronomers

In addition, you can use the following resources which are also available to non-members:

  • Tutorials and other resources pertaining to:
    • Observational astronomy
    • Telescopes
    • CCD cameras
    • Image data reduction
  • Standards based curricula, materials, lesson plans for use in and out of the classroom.

Once you have completed the online application for participation in the GTN you will be contacted by a member of the GTN team. We will ask for some of the details about your telescope and CCD camera.We will probably also want to know how many images you expect to submit to the GTN Archive in a year.

If you have a question about the GTN, please contact one of the "Responsible SSU Personnel" below.

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Science Mission Directorate Universe Division

Responsible SSU Personnel:

Dr. Kevin McLin (mclin at universe dot sonoma dot edu)

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