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GTN Partner Join Form

Please fill out the information below to sign up to be come a GTN partner.

Partners are individuals or groups who dedicate some portion of their time and expertise on observatory hardware they already own to regularly observe astronomical targets that are part of the GTN program. Partners may occasionally be able or willing to offer telescope time to GTN participants. Of course, partners may also be involved with analyzing GTN data.

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GTN Name*
This is the name of your facility, organization, institution, or observatory. This is the common name that will be used to identify your group on the GTN.
This is your geographic location. This could be the city or town where you are located, or the municipality nearest to your location. Below we will also ask for your longitude, latitude, and elevation above sea level.
Web Location
If you have a web site for your facility or organization or institution, please specify the URL here.
Intended Program Activities
GRB followup
Data reductions
Donate telescope time
Mentor other GTN members
Contribute to published papers
Adopt a blazar
Blazar a month
Blazar a week
Microvariability campaigns
Submit quick look magnitudes to AAVSO
Polar surveillance
Submit imaging reports to AAVSO or GCN
Submit images to the GTN archive

What will you/your group do? Indicate all that apply...

List all active participants associated with your group. These could be observers, faculty, researchers, administrators, or students. Separate names using a semi-colon, no need to mention the name that is already on this form.
Email Contact*
List the primary email contact address for your GTN node. Information and announcements about the GTN will be sent to this email address. This information will only be available to persons associated with the GTN.
Mailing Address

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List a snail-mail address that may be used to contact you or your GTN node. This will be used for special announcements or for mailing printed material about the GTN and associated space missions. This information will only be available to persons associated with the GTN.
Additional Information or comments
If you wish, include here any information about you or your organization that may be of interest to other GTN participants.

Observatory Information

Geographical Coordinates

(deg mm ssW/E)

(deg mm ssN/S)

Please enter the geographic coordinates of your observing site here. For example, 122 41 14W, 38 33 55N, 335m are the longitude, latitude and elevation for GORT. To convert feet to meters divide feet by 3.281.
Telescope and Mount

Observatory Enclosure Type
(dome, roll off, etc.)

Telescope Model and Aperture
(e.g., C14)

(Paramount ME, German equatorial)
Please enter your observatory type (dome, sliding roof, clam shell, etc), the model and aperture of your telescope and the mount type used.
Camera and Control Software

Telescope Control Software
(e.g., The Sky)

Camera Model
(e.g., Apogee AP47)

Camera Control Software
(e.g., Maxim DL)

Data Reduction Software
(e.g., Maxim DL)
Please enter the type of CCD camera you have and the kind of software you use to reduce your data and control your hardware.
Observatory Description or Additional Comments
If you wish, you can use this box to provide a brief description of the kinds of activities typically carried out using your observatory. This is not required, but it would be interesting for us to know.
Enter the text shown in the image and then hit the submit button. Your information will not be forwarded to us until you have entered the text and hit submit.

If you have a question about the GTN, please contact one of the "Responsible SSU Personnel" below.

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