Gamma-Rays and Blazars

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Gamma-Rays and Blazars

What are Gamma-rays?

Electromagnetic Spectrum

How are Gamma-rays characterized?

Different Types of EMR

Compton GRO and EGRET

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO)

Egret All-Sky Gamma-ray Survey

The Objects in the Gamma-Ray Sky

The EGRET Gamma-Ray Sources

GLAST and the LAT

GLAST Specifications

Representation of GLAST in Orbit


Some Categories of AGNs

Seyfert Galaxies

Cygnus A

A Typical Quasar PKS 1117-248

General Characteristics of AGNs

AGN Unification

Artist Interpertation of An AGN

Voyage into an AGN

AGN Unification Taxonomy

Some Typical Optical Spectra

The Blazars

Mark 421

AGN Variability?

Characteristics of AGN Variability

AGN Variability Data

A Blazar with a Long History of Observation

B2 1308+326 and B2 1215+303

B2 1215+303 and PG 0804+762

Intraday Variability

BL Lac and Mark 501

The AAVSO has blazar data!

SSUO data for 3C 66A (2002-2002)

Observing Techniques for AGNs

Opportunities Provided by GLAST

Enter the GTN

The Goals for the GTN

Participants in the GTN will...

AAVSO Contributions

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