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Research Projects and Instructional Projects

Research Projects for Tobotic Telescopes

Supernova discovery

AGN surveillance and light curves

GRB observations

Eclipsing binaries

confirmation and period determination (i.e. Hipparcos discoveries)

time of minima studies (mass transfer, apsidal motion, additional components)

light curves (modeling to determine fundamental stellar properties)

Cataclysmic variable surveillance and light curves

Variable star discovery and confirmation

Photometric detection and confirmation for extrasolar planets

Minor planet magnitude and color determination

Minor planet lightcurves

NEO confirmation

Instructional Projects for Robotic Telescopes

Students review characteristics of a telescope system and detector and then submit requests for "appropriate" observations. Students gain experience determining what types of objects can be found in the sky, how to determine when they can be observed, and what kind of images to expect. Students review and evaluate the results obtained by other students in the class.