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Types of Active Galaxies
Use the links provided to find information on various kinds of Active Galaxies.

BL Lacertae Objects
Bright, starlike objects generally lacking any emission lines.

Low Ionization Nuclear Emission Regions (LINERs)
Very bright galactic nuclei showing emission lines from low ionization species

Very bright, starlike objects, usually showing extremely broad emission lines.

Radio Galaxies
Galaxies whose emission is dominated by huge radio emitting regions outside the galax proper. Often jets are seen connecting the nuclear regions of the galaxy to these lobes.

Seyfert Galaxies
Spiral galaxies with very bright nuclei. These galaxies have strong emission lines, sometimes very broad, sometimes narrow.

Starburst Galaxies
The galaxies are usually disturbed looking. They do not have the bright nuclear regions of the objects listed above, buth they do show evidence of extremely enhanced star formation, up to a hundred or even a thousand times that seen in normal spiral galaxies.

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