Welcome to the Global Telescope Network operated by the Sonoma State University Education and Public Outreach Group. The mission of the Global Telescope Network is to support the NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (formerly GLAST), Swift, and XMM-Newton missions by obtaining and reducing ground-based observations for objects related to the primary science goals for these missions.

The GTN is a network of small ground-based telescopes around the world. Members include students, educators and amateur and professional astronomers. The purpose of the GTN is to support the science of NASA and ESA high energy astrophysics missions, including XMM-Newton, Swift and Fermi. These missions are designed to study astronomical objects through their emission of x-rays and gamma rays. However, much can be learned by combining observations over a broad range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The GTN has been assembled to make observations in the optical that will compliment the observations done at higher energies by space-borne observatories.

The Global Telescope Network provides:

•  involvement for students, teachers, and amateur astronomers in cutting-edge astronomical research.

•  activities and instructional materials for a range of levels and interests.

•  mentoring in research practices, telescope use, data analysis and educational resources.

Collaborating globally for astronomy research and education!